Have You Ever Wrestled an Alligator?

As adult dyslexics we have a social responsibility, humbling as it may be, to step out of the shadows and share our stories.  Parents, educators, and clinicians need us; most of all dyslexic kids are depending on us.


Just like the nearsighted monks who fashioned the first eyeglasses for their brethren, the southpaws who developed their own left-handed tools, and the world-class amputee-athletes with prosthetic running blades, it's our turn to make a difference in our tribe. 


The challenges of preparing dyslexic students for the future will never be properly dealt with until we share what only we know.


Science begs for an understanding as to why some of us have withered under ignorance, and why some of us no longer need to wrestle that alligator (alligator = ignorance).  We were the students who couldn't keep up, yet among the smartest kids in the room.  Our defiance in the face of ignorance and our ability to adapt forged our futures.  


Regardless of where each of us ended up, we can use our experience to turn the tables.   Our insights into dyslexia can finally give society the understanding it lacks.  


Who would have ever thought that our most painful and shameful childhood experiences would turn out to be our greatest gift to humanity?


We have to do this. I'll go first.